The Laundry Card Paintings



The Sam Lee laundry in downtown Racine was the source of the laundry cards used for so many of the artist's smaller works. Each smooth semi-regid laundry card that the shirts were folded around became an oil painting. The artist must have also purchased some of these cards directly from the laundry's inventory.

The laundry card paintings were done in the late 1950s through the early 1970's. Out of financial necessity the artist used any available and suitable surface for his paintings.

These paintings average 8" x 15".

Sam Lee and his Daughter, 1961



The White Plume



A Face in Blue

Balinese Dancers


Fruit Tree in Spring




Nude with Red Drape


Nude with a Blue Robe


The Beautiful Mexican Girl

Chagal's Dream

Nude in Profile


Dancing Woman in a Red Dress

The Red Haired Girl