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Watercolor and Oil Paintings - Summer

June 26 - July 23, 2011

4th of july

After the Parade, 1958

This delightful work was painted for a July cover illustration for a popular American magazine. It was not bought by the magazine much to the disappointment of the artist and his family. Within a few years the magazine, the last major publication to employ illustratrators for its "human interest" covers, The Saturday Evening Post, went out of business.

The scene portrayed is after the 4th of July parade in Racine, Wisconsin. The baton twirling majorette sitting on the curb mopping her brow, is hot and exhausted after a long march in the hot July sun, prancing and twirling her baton all the way from the Northside, through downtown and finally winding up on the Southside. The artist painted his own neighbood. The artist's wife, Margaret, posed as the majorette, borrowing the uniform from a friend of a friend who was part of the Johnson's Wax Band.

The detail in this painting is a wonderful glimpse into life in the 1950s. Very different from his other paintings, this work clearly shows the artist's remarkable attention to detail and twist of humor. The painting is an oil on illustration board.




North Beach in Racine, Wisconsin, Late Afternoon,
oil on paper laundry card board


View 1 From the Campsite, Price County, Wisconsin 1961 - Watercolor







In 1961 our family went up north, a traditional Wisconsin summer get-a-way. We pitched our umbrella tent near the banks of a pristine lake in the wilderness of the Chequamegon Forest. We did a little fishing from the banks and also riding around in a row boat. My mother did the cooking at a portable Coleman camping stove. My father and I were busy with our watercolor paints. Later the pan-fried fish tasted delicious.

These are a few of André's artistic souvenirs of that vacation in the north woods of Price County, Wisconsin.



View 2 From the Campsite, Price County, Wisconsin 1961 - Watercolor



Wildfowers - Price County, Wisconsin 1961, Watercolor



View 3 From the Campsite, Price County, Wisconsin 1961 - Watercolor




Tall Pines at Sailor Lake, Price County, Wisconsin - Watercolor






Poppies and Corn Flowers -Watercolor, France, 1950



Woman in a Summer Garden - Watercolor, about 1957



Basket With Cherries - oil on wooden board, France, 1951